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We are very pleased and thankful people love CocosIslandsNews. We recently made an upgrade the services and now CocosIslandsNews is more powerful with its new design. CocosIslandsNews is not a normal bookmarking site, and, is not like other bookmarking sites.CocosIslandsNews collects quality stories from quality submitters. Give yourself a pat on the back for a very fine job. It's people like you that keep IESA's alexa rank under 11k and new stories rolling in daily. As a member you get high quality back traffic to your site(s) by submitting post.

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1) Try to make the description of your story to be over than 300 characters. We can publish your submission more easy than a story with few words.
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5) Make your descriptions unique, with SEO optimization.Not because we need it, but because Google will crawl your post more faster and it will rank it more easy and can get higher position on the search engine. A higher quality story can give higher quality backlink.
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Cocos islands News is site where you can share your interested stores or important items you want to bookmark.